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Thursday, 3 September 2009


Bastard Batty Bass is 3 this month!!!

It's a celebration and a fairwell to the monumental monthly sessions, which have been very very special , thanks to YOU!!! We've been through a lot together haven't we?!! On the first thurs of the month, the spirit of batty bass comes to possess a room, with your medium Hannah Holland channeling the force, and preachers Mama and MC Chickaboo saving your souls!!!!! and no one really knows what it's like unless they've experienced it , right? Except to say that you freakin danced your lil batty off!! We've seen the birth of a record label, clothing label, videos, exhibitions and our very own Batty Bass anthems, (Not to mention abortions, but that's a whole different story!)

Come shake that batty and celebrate our birthday, with Hannah Holland, Mama, MC Chickaboo, Miss Bailey and Deboa,

@ The Star of Bethnal Green.

3rd Sept. 9til2am


PLUS Fear not!!! a badass new night is starting up on the first thurs @ The Star. with Batty Bass's MC Chickaboo, Miss Bailey and Deboa, which can only mean one thing. AMAZING. watch this space.