Saturday, 19 December 2009

POSH! The Prince


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Batty Bass welcomes not only the newest member of the crew, but also to the future. A future fashioned with sex, gold body suits, alien orgasms and bass.
Introducing POSH! The Prince and his debut release Re-Bokk Robot!
Epitomising Batty Bass this is NYC fuelled electro, from a Berlin burlesque bar jacked out of a London warehouse. Loud.
POSH! arrived in Berlin in November 2008, and within a year has already seen the beginning of a fantastic career rise; his music, being described as Hardcore Psychedelic Funk.But POSH! prefers to let his talent speak, shout, moan and throb for itself; his live show always confronting, fusing sex, spirituality, attitude and song. By challenging his listener, and setting a greater standard for the current generation, as well as for generations to follow.
In an era of over saturated genres, one hit wonders, and fakes, POSH! brings honesty, integrity, and pure love to the avant-garde.
But this isn’t music to talk about. No, no, no, no, no. It’s music you dance to, stare at a gyrating gold ghetto robot body-popping to, F**k and get down in the gutter to.
With the original and remixes courtesy of Playtime’s Mike Monday.

Original: POSH!’s vocal lick your face while the bass and synths coax you in and the snares slap you. Dirty dub-steppin sex music.

Mike Monday Vocal: POSH! Is performing in a different club altogether. Swap champagne for K, glitterballs for sirens, and velvet for bare brick walls and you’re halfway there.

Mike Monday Dub: Mike ejects POSH! From the club and lets the bass and sirens do the talking, leaving the vocalist faint calls to get back in the venue all but drowned out by the blasts of dry ice.

POSH! The Prince - Passionately Only Serving Him

Erol Alkan "good stuff! good luck with the label"

Laurent Garnier "Niice booty shaking tracks - will play"

Solo (Dirtybird / Deadfish) "Exciting release from a veeery exciting Label.Mike monday Remix is for me.. will spin it for sure!"

Pilocka (Bar25) "oldschool! original yo."

Larry T (NY) "really fresh new direction! loving it!"

Shir Khan (Exploited) "Sounds Wicked. Like the Mike Monday Remix. Will play at Radio Fritz."

Joe Ransom (Kiss FM) "love the mike monday remix!!"

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